terms of business

Sale of Work

• The following Terms and Conditions must be agreed between Garth Prosser ("the Artist"), and the Buyer of Artwork(s) ("the Buyer") before an artwork may be sold.
These terms and conditions will use the term "Artwork(s)" for all artwork produced by Garth Prosser, the images of which can be found on www.garthprosser.com

1. General
The Artist makes the following representations and warranties that his Artwork:
a. is the Artist's unique work-product;
b. is solely owned by the Artist, neither borrowed or stolen from, nor owned in part or in full by, any other party;
c. is free and clear of all security interests, liens and other claims;
d. The Artist has full rights and powers of sale and transfer, there is no judgment outstanding against the Artist.
e. The Artist will sell Artworks as Originals. (except in the case of giclee prints)
f. The Artist is available for commissions.
g. The Artist will sell and ship Artworks to anywhere in the World.
h. These Terms and Conditions may be changed without notice.
2. Before purchasing Originals
a. The Buyer, or any authorised agent of the Buyer may view the Artwork first hand at any time agreed by the Artist and the Buyer, prior to purchase. This is not a requirement but the Artist strongly recommends this for the sake of customer satisfaction.
b. An Artwork will be deemed sold once the Buyer has agreed to purchase it and has submitted payment in full.
c. The Buyer must check that the descriptions of the Artwork found on the Website meet with their requirements before purchasing ie: dimensions, colours, media, ground, condition, frames, materials.
3. Purchasing Originals
a. All Artworks may be purchased with a cheque or cash.
By Cheque:
b. The Buyer agrees to notify the Artist by phone or email (garth_prosser@hotmail.com) that they intend to pay by cheque.
c. All cheques are to be made out to "Garth Prosser".
d. The Buyer agrees to inform the Artist if they intend to make a purchase by cheque in any currency other than GB Pounds, in which case the current exchange rate fee will be incurred.
e. Cheques received by the Artist will take up to seven days to clear with the bank before the Artwork can be released.
By Cash:
f. The Artist accepts no responsibility for cash sent by mail.
g. If purchasing by cash in any other currency than GB Pounds the current exchange rate fee will be incurred.
Shipping and Insurance:
h. Shipping and insurance of all artworks is included in the purchase price for all sales within the EU.
i. Shipping and insurance of all artworks is NOT included in the purchase price for any sales outside the EU, the cost of each individual packaged artworks will be mutually agreed prior to any movement of the artworks.
4. Delivery, and delivery timing of artworks
The Artist agrees that deliveries shall be handled as follows:
a. All artworks will be packaged and shipped in accordance with industry standards.
b. Shipping shall be done using shipping methods that provide tracking and require a signature.